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Bottle Decor

Sensory bottles or just decorative pieces. I make these beautiful bottles, you... 

  • Tye Dye Clear Quartz Adjustable Bracelets

    I take silk beading cord and unwind it into 2-4 strands before hand dying them to create a colorful tye dye inspired pattern. Once dried I hand knot clear quartz beads together and finish with sterling silver chain for a unique and colorful adjustable bracelet

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  • 'Ash' Trays

    These trays combine high quality resin, pure silver leaf flakes, legally smoked cannabis ash and occasionally colored mica powders to create one of a kind trays. The trays have rounded corners which makes picking up even the smallest findings or trinkets easy, or for rolling up whatever herb you like to smoke, they are truely multi purpose pieces

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  • Decorative Glitter Sensory Bottles

    Each one combines a recycled bottle, water, clear glue, and glitter to make a breathtaking one of a kind piece that everyone will enjoy. They are great for kids who need a short break to calm down, or adults who need a reminder to breath during a busy day. A unique decorative piece, these bottles will sit calm and still on your shelf waiting to be turned into a gorgeous explosion of color

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